Sahaj Paather Gappo: A Tale of Innocence

Rarely, does a Bengali movie come nowadays, that is so elegantly made. They are just a treat to the eyes of every movie lovers and those who are learning the craft. The recent Bengali film to hit the theatres, Sahaj Paather Gappo, is one such movie. Dealing with the themes of struggle when poverty has badly hit a family living rural side, it truly deserves the much praise and accolades it has received. It was selected at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), and the kid actors here have bagged the National Award for their performances at the 64th National Awards.


Sahaj Paather Gappo, has a heart-touching storyline, something that will make the audience feel for the family in the movie. Gopal and his younger brother Chhotu, are two little kids living in the rural side of West Bengal with their parents. The only bread earner of the family is their father. When he gets critically injured in an accident, the family has to face the test of earning enough money to run the household, amidst the growing hardships.

What follows after the accident, are the family trying to cope with the left savings and the kids learning to be mature and help towards the cause. The two kids start to help out their family by doing petty jobs while learning about life and staying optimistic as much as they can. The story is an adaptation of the famous Bengali novel “Talnabami” by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. What really stands out is the innocence of the children, despite a time when their world is crashing down.

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The main attractions of this movie are the two young protagonists, who carry the entire movie on their little shoulders, with innocent faces throughout. Well, most of the film deals with these two child characters, trying hard to support their family in times of distress. Often their innocence and childishness will bring a smile on your face. They have performed beyond excellence.

They look effortless while trying to portray the pain they are going through with the impact of these hardships and the world as seen through their little puppy eyes. What is expected out of kid actors is that they look naturally innocent on the screen and have that natural factor which makes their acts and behaviors look incredibly sweet. The two new kids on the block, Samiul Alam and Nur Islam, have portrayed the characters with ease.

You will laugh at their naïve acts, you will feel sad for the crisis they are facing, and you will empathize with them. That’s the sheer power that these kids carry with them. They know how to convey their emotions and feelings easily, without making the audiences feel they are just another actors. The rest of the crew, be it the distressed mother or the numerous other artists with little screen presence, have done a commendable job.

Direction and other aspects of Sahaj Paather Gappo

When it comes to realistic movies or those dealing with such realistic themes and situations, need a well-enough director to handle it, the way it demands to be. Manas Mukul Pal has successfully steered Sahaj Paather Gappo, all-through the seas of production, to the final destination of audiences’ hearts. He has beautifully brought alive the famous story on the big screen and some of the scenes, require appreciation, for its sheer beauty and cinematic charisma.

It is often said that a director can bring out the best from his actors. Pal has conveniently pulled off this theory yet again, with his hands handling both the production as well as the actors’ performances. Movies such as these are successfully pulled off when both the actors and the production crew support each other equally.

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Having said so, the cinematography here needs a special mention. Excellent cinematography always makes an ordinary scene look commendable on screen. Mrinmoy Mandal and Shupratim Bhol have taken some beautiful shots of the scenic places in the area. They have captured many mesmerizing moments with perfection and audiences will remain hooked to in those magical moments. Overall, the movie is a great watch, if you love to see a realistic human drama that has an excellent authentic feel and creative touch to it.

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