Panam City: An Ancient city of old Bengal

Panam City is a historical ancient city of the 19th century. This lost city is located at Sonargaon, Narayngang in Bangladesh. It is one of the earliest formed cities among the cities of Sonargaon. Panam city is the trading center of cotton clothes of the old Bengal. There is a residential colony of Hindu cloth merchant like European style. During the British period, the subcontinent was divided on the basis of religion and Panam city was in the Muslim majority part. This incident created Hindu-Muslim riot which made the Hindu merchants left the city. Now, this abandoned city is one of the most attractive tourist places of Bangladesh.

If you have an interest in lost cities you can pay a visit to Panam City.

How to go?

Panam City is in the Narayangang district of Bangladesh. It is near to Dhaka. You can take a bus from Gulisthan of Dhaka. It will take 1 to 2 hour to reach Mograpara of Sonargaon. From there you have to hire a rickshaw. Panam City is just a 10 min away from the Sonargaon Museum.You have to buy entry ticket which will be 20 BDT for local people and 100 BDT for foreigners. The gate of the Panam city remains open during Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. In Monday it opens at 2 pm. It remains closed on Sunday and others government holidays.

Sightseeing and eating:

Once you reach the lost city you will be amazed by the architectural beauty of the city. You will find colony of abandon houses. There are about 52 empty houses which habitats left them during the India-Pakistan partition. Besides residential area, there are separate buildings for entertainment. In Bengali, it is called ‘Baijibari’. These places were used to hold parties. People of elite society hired dancers and singer for the parties. You can explore the city by walking. It will be very interesting if you move slowly and enjoy the thrill of exploring an old abandoned city. There are three brick bridges which connect the city with the sonargaon.

After Panam city, you can visit the Sonargaon Museum. This museum has a rich collection of handmade crafts and art of many famous artists of Bangladesh along with the ruin of old Capital of Bengal, Sonargaon.

Last but not the least, a boat ride on the Meghna River can be the cherry on the cake of your trip. Try to enjoy the boat ride at evening to have the most beautiful view.

There are lots of local food restaurants at Sonargaon. You can choose one according to your convenience.

Imagine yourself walking through a city which buildings are around 100 years old! You can feel the vibe of exploring a lost city which was very much alive and buzzing but now it has become a nothing but a lost city.

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