Let’s visit an Enchanted Himalayan Heaven ‘Darjeeling’

If there is one piece of suggestion you can have to experience something magical, this is to travel more. Traveling is magnificent in various ways. It captures us along with the sagacity of wanderlust and has us the yearning for more destinations to visit, some unknown cultures to experience, flavor to taste, and new people to meet. And when you heard the word “Travel,” some magnificent visualization comes in front of our eyes and Darjeeling is one of them.

The combination of the ultimate beauty and tranquillity helps this place to become a paradise for every traveler. The word Darjeeling is basically a combination of dual words; one is ‘dorje’ that means thunderbolt and the other word is ‘ling’ that means place; henceforth the word Darjeeling itself means ‘the land of Thunderbolt.’

Darjeeling is actually all about the jaw breaking shades of the natural environment, some peaceful monasteries, along with repulses with some thrilling mountain activities. Thunders, rains, sky-scraping hills, roaring rivers, charming, smiling girls, industrial people, sensational jungles, Buddhist flavor as well as varied wildlife are considered as the “Queen of the Himalayan Region’.

Places of interest:

To discover the toy train ride along the enigmatic Himalayan ranges and surging tea gardens as well as to catch the glance of a magical sunset over the towering Kanchenjunga ranges, the quick adventure to Darjeeling will be the great idea. Darjeeling is crammed with magnificent aesthetic points as well as attractive places for people of varied taste. So, knowing about some exclusive places of Darjeeling is going to help you with its amazing beauty.

  1. Tiger Hill:

    This is a must for every individual who comes at this place. The ultimate blaze of the quickly changing shades of snow peak as sun strike is the appealing view. This is the destination that is providing not only a great view but a place where you can immerse yourself in the Himalayan beauty anytime throughout the day.

    How to reach:

    Tiger Hill is 11km or 6.8 miles away from Darjeeling Town as well as above Ghoom area. After Ghoom station, you will require taking a narrow mounting Senchal road on the right. It just takes about 40 minutes from Darjeeling to reach to the summit by car.

  2. Himalayan Zoological Park:

    If you have a fascination with animals and wildlife, this is the place that you can easily step into. This is a paradise for Himalayan black deer, Siberian tiger, Llama, snow leopard, Panda and some birds such as Emerald Dove, Monal, Maroon Oriole, etc. Eventually, the oak, chestnut, spruce, magnolia and some other green views are there in the zoo.

    How to reach:

    Hiring a cab from the ghoom station will reach you to the destination in just 30 minutes. Entrance fee is Rs. 20 (for Indians) and Rs 50 (for foreigners).

  3. The Buddhist Monastery:
    Buddhist Monasteries are the enchanted and beautiful places in Darjeeling that have their own tranquil appeal. Whenever you are at Darjeeling, you cannot miss this peaceful environment. It has built in Tibetan style and the 15 ft large picture of Maitryee Buddha is the key feature of that place. Apart from Buddhist Monastery, Aloobari Monastery and Bhutia Busty Monastery is also there.
    How to reach:
    From the station of Ghoom, you can book a cab to go to that place. This is hardly taking 20-25 minutes. This is just on the way to the Tiger Hill when you will catch share sumo for the tiger hill by only paying RS.200.

  4. Kanchenjunga:
    This is one of the amazing places of attraction available at Darjeeling. This is one of the charms of the places that attract people a lot. The spectacular view of this place makes it worth watching either it is sunrise and sunset.
    How to reach:
    This is almost 150 km from the nearest airport Bagdogda. The starting point of this place is Yuksom. Booking a car to reach that place is the safest option.

  5. Darjeeling Tea Garden:
    And when you talk about Darjeeling, this is the first thing comes to mind. A walk through the green tea garden will leave you stunned. In fact, booking a car will take you on a tour of that place.

Apart from the above, there are some other attraction Darjeeling contains such as Batasia Loop, Japanese Peace Pagoda, observatory hill, rock garden, singalila national park, Nightingale Park, Sandakphu trek, toy train, shopping centers and much more.

Beautiful Resorts of Darjeeling:

  • Mayfair Darjeeling: This is the undoubted winner amongst finest resorts in Darjeeling. This is the relaxed hideaway, which exhibits the splendid views of snow-clad peaks. Along with spa, library, massage parlor, game room, dining areas, the great environment is the perfect family or honeymoon vacation.

  • Pine Tree Spa Resort: Along with the class-apart appearance, the Pine Tree Resort delivers several facilities for the lovely journey to Darjeeling. Enliven the soul in this spa, splash around in a neatly maintained and well-designed blue swimming pool, and hold the age-old inheritance of asanas in the Yoga center. The foodstuff will leave you just licking your fingers.

  • The Elgin: Right from only the interiors to services, this Elgin deserves to be in the main concern spot amongst finest resorts in Darjeeling. The hotel is the erstwhile summer dwelling of Maharaja of Cooch Behar as well boasts of the rich history of 125 years. The hotel arranges the adventure activities like paragliding, hot air ballooning, and walking trails.

So this is monsoon and a great time to plan a trip to Darjeeling. Yes! It is. But as a matter of fact, if you want a single line answer, I would have to say that it really depends on the eyes of the beholder. Though lots of people think that Monsoon is the not the option of going to Darjeeling, this is a complete myth.

It rains ceaselessly during the time, and you can barely see the sky, leave the sun alone. In fact, those who are a camera addict and always are in search of the beautiful view will definitely get to see the spectacular view. A cloudy sky, hot tea on the roof of the resort and hot cup of Darjeeling tea is really considered as the heaven.

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