Lesser Known Weekend Destination Near Kolkata

The city of joy, being a bong, it is needless to say that Kolkata presents myriad attractions for travellers and tourists coming from various parrts of the world. There are 5 lesser known weekend getaways from Kolkata, which can surprise you to know that such amazing places exist in close proximity to the city.

DUARSINI: A place for ultimate tranquility and serenity, away from the cacophone and the daily rush of your corporate life, Duarsini is all what you need. Just 13kilometres from Burdwan, a beautiful tribal village, surrounded by forests of shal, piyal, shimul, palash. Bucolic serenity of the tribal village, the beauty of satgudum river leading to the tribal villages will surely enchant you.

Places to see: The major attraction is the tribal villages of santhal, munda, kheriya and shabaradh. The jungle will surely captivate and intoxicate you by it’s beauty. You can also see wild animals like beers, wild pigs,elephants, hyenas, wolf and lots of unknown birds.

MAITHAN: Located in the coal belt of India, Maithon is primarily developed around the Maithon dam. It is located on the Barakar river. The clear blue water and the small Hills nearby is a visual treat for the photographers. You can enjoy boating in the dam waters.

Places to visit: Deer park, Kalyaneswari temple.

PARMADAN FOREST: This is a forest cum sanctuary located in North 24parganas, formerly known as Bibhutibhushan wildlife sanctuary. Parmadan is a great destination for same day picnics as well as for weekend getaway from Kolkata.

Places to visit: The river Ichamoti flows through the sanctuary gives the place an unique charm. There’s boat ride, for accommodation you can book guest house in the forest area.

CHANDRAKETUGARH: Chandraketugarh is a historical site of bidyadhari river in South 24 parganas. This is a serious study site for it’s excavation to all historians. According to the archeological survey of India, the relics excavated from the site back to the days before the establishment of the maurya dynasty and some of them are even 3000years old.

CHECHURIA: Chechuria is located 19 km from bishnupur. It is a manmade eco sanctuary that can be an ideal retreat for those who love to go for a family picnic. Fresh air, the smell of jungle, chirping of birds can remove your all exhaustions of city life.

TAKI: 80km from Kolkata, located in hasnabad, it is a place from the city dwellers. Taki is the border between India and Bangladesh. The lullaby of the Ichamoti river, the natural beauty of the village, can give you a break from the clamour Of cities. The famous “nouko-ride” is perfect for solitude lovers.

SONAJHURI: If you ever feeling claustrophobic, if the concrete structures and the daily assignments are suffocating you, if you are looking for a quiet retreat, Sonajhuri is the place you’re looking for. Sonajhuri is a forest slightly ahead of shantiniketan. The meandering village road, the “Khowai”, the untold stories of the untouched forests, the beautiful kopai, the song of the little roads, all these together will make you fall in love over and over again!!!

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