BHABANI PATHAK | The History of Debi Chowdhurani

Such an example may be rarely found in the whole country. Historically two men and women have been worshiping for years. This puja takes place at the monastic temple of Shikarpur Tea Garden in Rajganj in Jalpaiguri district. Kalipadhak Bhabani Pathak and Kali devotee Chowdharani used to perform Kalipuzo as Kalipuzo was also in the monastic temple of Shikarpur.

Along with the Kali temple, there are statues of Bhabani Pathak and Goddess Chowdharani in the original monastic temple. And there is a wooden statue of Ranbalal, Diba, beggar, and fox of the Bhabani Pathak policemen. The area where the temple is presently still stands in the Baikunthpur forest division. With the help of the kings of Raikat dynasty in Baikunthpur, the monks fought against the English under the leadership of Goddess Chowdhury.

The next temple built by the Pagoda style during the reign of King Yogendradeva Raikat of Baikunthpur. There is a white stone bull statue at the entrance and a lion statue of cement on each of the three stairs. Inside the temple, the monk of the Bhabani Pathak, painted in the picture, is sitting at the Vajraya Devi Chowdharani in the river and river.
At the Chemta Khari and Neem river beside the temple, Devi Chowdharani’s Bajra Bhasat is at once. Kali Sadhak Bhabanipathak and Devi Chowdharani’s puja of Kali temple in Shikarpur are still popular to all.

The temple is worshiped twice a year. Once in Asha, and once in Kartik. Although not very big, the rules are still obeyed today. Although there is a dynasty priest for Nitto Puja throughout the year, a Brahmin priest worships the month of Ashar and Kartik. Occupation is the cremation of the mother. Pujo is in tantrum. The mother is bathed with a caress. According to ancient traditions, goats and pigeons are still sacrificed.

The devotees from the far-flung temple of Pujyo night of the Deepabali gathered at the temple. Worship overnight. Meetings are held in the area. At the end of the puja, in the early morning, everyone returned to enjoy the mother.

Common belief:
There are several such temples in various forests of Jalpaiguri, which are reported to be made by the Bhabani Pathak. One such witness is the temple of the Goshala Mora. Surrounded by an ancient banyan tree, there are various ‘myths’. Time is the end of seventeen hundredths (1). Kingdom of the English. The indigenous kings of their dynasty used untruthful oppression of the people in the name of collecting rent. At that time, Bhabani Pathak emerged as their protector. He was the savior of the poor and the enemy of the English-landowners. He was known as a robber. But lived as a monk. It is heard that he used to loot the oppressive English and native landlords and pass them on to the poor. During this time, she was sheltered by her goddess Chaudharani, who was tortured and expelled from her father-in-law’s house. The two made a terrible bandit. It is said that these two monks played a special role in the rebellion.

They said that they built this temple. Here was the robbery of the robber of the robber and his party. They hid the looted goods here. This temple also has a tunnel as a symbol of that history. They used to travel through the tunnel. After the death of Bhabani Pathak, Devi Chowdhury became the head of the party. Another temple of the Pagoda style is situated next to the Kalimandi temple. This temple is worshiped all year long. However, there are different views on the nature of the blessings. There is a man and a woman statue in this temple. Besides, there are tigers, foxes and some other cats. Many historians think that it is a temple of Shiva-Parvati.

Local residents demanded that the chief beacons belong to two Bhabani Pathak and Devi Chowdharani. In response to this demand, some historians have written that Dorpadev Raikat, a descendant of the Vaikunthpur dynasty, came into contact with a monk named Bhabani Pathak during the reign of 121 to 5 years. The temple was established by the initiative of King Dorpadeva. The Temple was built by an English architect named Mr Raymond Helaich Pine. Later, the temple was renovated in the reign of King Yogendradev Raikat in the 5th.Bhabani Pathak, who was known as a robber, was the goddess of Goddess Chowdhury. It is with these two historical characters that the literary emperor Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote the novel ‘Devi Chowdharani’. However, according to historians, Joydurga Devi Chowdharani was the always-ruling wife of the Monthani Raj Estate in Rangpur, Bangladesh. He was conceived as the goddess Chowdharani in her imagination by the literary emperor Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. But whatever the history, the Bhabani Pathak and the Goddess Chowdhury to the local residents.

The wooden idol was made at Thame but after burning it, the earthen statue was made by Bhavani Pathak and Devi Chowdharani. Other statues are still wooden. The wooden porch is not in good shape. The Shikarpur Tea Gardens were also looked after by the authorities. Residents here say that if the government does not get help, the ancient history and the emotions of the local people will be destroyed./p>

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