Baluchari: The Pride Attire of Bengal

Bengal has its own treasure for art and culture. Since centuries, its weaving industry is an object to make feel proud for the Bengalees. Nawab Murshidkuli Khan, the Nawab of Bengal was an admirer of art and culture. He patronized Bengal’s authentic weaving tradition by bringing its making craft from Dhaka to Murshidabad. Nawab influenced this particular weaving to get flourished at Baluchar district in Murshidabad. Baluchari sarees Bishnupur is considered as authentic kind of sarees in this category. But unfortunately this industry moved later to Bishnupur in Bankura for a flood in the river Ganga. In the rule of King Jagat Malla, Mallabhum got flourished with industry of this attire from tassar silk. After a flood in the Ganga river and the subsequent submerging of the village, the industry moved to Bishnupur village in Bankura district.

King Jagat Malla was then ruler of Mallabhum, and he was an admirer of this thousand years enriched silk weaving art. The speciality of this attire was its raw material, original silk. It was crafted with care and priority to give a royal effect. But the negative sides of British rule put this business into devastation and the weavers got affected. It became worse due to down market and increasing material price. Soon this art became almost dying as the weavers could not survive with the hiking loss from this. Shubho Thakur, a renowned artist of late twentieth century, realized the importance to cultivate again this craft. The tradition, rich with its elegance and beauty need this renaissance. He involved an expert weaver, Akshay Das from Bishnupur in his workshop to get the training of jacquard loom weaving. He got back to his place and started working on the royal choices of Zaminder and upper class families’ ladies. Every piece of balucharee saree is itself a designer work of art.

According to the use of weaving patterns, there are only three types of this sari in recent days:

  • Baluchuri: The traditional form of weaving consists of 1 or bi-colour thread to complete an entire pattern.

  • Meenakari Balucharee: Meenakari signifies the bright golden colour combination with other threads to enhance and make look more gorgeous than the traditional one.

  • Swarnachari Saree: In Bengali, “Swarna” means gold. That is the source of naming Swarnachari Saree as it signifies Baloochari in gold. The most precious and gorgeous one of this category attire us highly admired for the overall use of gold threads along with silvers respectively.

Top 5 Baluchari Sarees Shop in Kolkata:
So, are you also an admirer of traditional weaved attire? Are looking for original baluchari sarees in kolkata? Bengalbuzz is at your service to let you help in search of gems. Here are some best shops who can satisfy you with the amazing collection of authentic Bengal baluchuri sarees:

  • Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal: Located at College Street Junction, this single shop is enriched with an ultimate designer collection of traditional and modern Baluchori saris. Their starting range is from Rs.7000 and more. If you are from outside Kolkata or want to shop from abroad, their online store is at your service. They provide an option of worldwide delivery.

  • Tantuja: Renowned as “Banglar Tanter Kapor” (The clothes by loom of Bengal) with more than 10 showrooms in West Bengal. This state government emporium is working over decades for betterment of weavers. The popular branches in Kolkata are in Gariahat, Park Street, Lindsay Street, Rashbihari Avenue. They offer a beautiful collection of the mentioned attire within a range of 6000-15000 for worldwide customers.

  • Indian Silk House & Indian Silk House Exclusives: These two shops are located at College Street Market and Lake Road respectively. The second one is the only branch of the first shop for South Kolkata’s shoppers. Their online store provides worldwide delivery of these Balucharee sarees within a range of Rs. 5500-11400.

Along with these, there are-

  • Priyo Gopal Bishoyi at Burabazar and Gariahat is a popular name to saree lovers. And how can we forget the another one? Any guess?

  • Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya at Gariahat a treasure island of saree lovers.

Kaniska is at your service:

But if you want to dig a gem from its own land, Kaniska is at your service. This is an ultimate one among the saree shops in Bishnupur with online store. Kaniska sells two kind of Sarees which are: Baluchori and Swarnachari, made exclusively at their workshop in Bishnupur. You can buy or order sarees online through their portal . They have an amazing collection of Bishnupuri Baloochari sarees within Rs. 3500-20000 for customers of whole world.You can also visit their retail shop at Bishnupur near Ramananda College, Lal Bag in Bankura District. They accept payments using Debit Card /Credit Card /Net Banking for orders made through their website. All products are delivered to address through reputed courier within seven days from date of order. For more informations, you can call them at: 03244255397/ 94349 34188 / 97342 91353 or send Email at: So, what are you waiting for? Wedding, gifting or just to pamper your ladylove, Balucharees could be your best choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Wedding, gifting or just to pamper your ladylove, Balucharees could be your best choice.

Disclaimer: All information mentioned above are taken from the shops’ official websites. Any change or misinterpretation is not the liability of or the author.

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