15 Best Cafes in Kolkata

From traditional English tearoom to present era’s coffee shop, there’s a coffee shop for everyone in Kolkata. The cafes in Kolkata will ask you coming back for more. There are some ideal prime cafes with amazing ambiance to satisfy your sudden coffee cravings. These places will attract you with their classy interiors, a variety of scrumptious snacks, freshly brewed coffees and a huge range of snacks and smoothies.

In this guide, I will tell you where to go and what to eat while exploring cafes in Kolkata. So here are the top 15 cafes in Kolkata!

1. Paris cafe- Situated in Ballygunge, this is counted amongst the popular cafes in Kolkata. They have delectable selection of pastries, their rainbow cake is a must try!! They have cookies, cakes, panini, salad and of course coffee. The interiors of the cafe have beautifully done with intricate work on the walls, painted in white and brown. The panini and the pancakes are always high on demand. So, if you are a connoisseur of good food and want to get a taste of France in the heart of the city of joy, do visit Paris cafe.

Paris Cafes

2. Mystic yoga cafe-If you are health conscious, and looking for some healthy yet delicious food in Kolkata, then this is your place. Mystic yoga cafe on Camac Street is an extension of Mystic yoga studio. This cafe is one of its kinds in the city, attracting a large number of health conscious people. The classy interior and wooden furniture is simply breathtaking. Do taste their multigrain bread sandwich with cold cut veggies and honey toast. Apart from this, they have a huge variety of fresh fruit juices which are designed to flush out the toxins from our body.

3. 8th Day, cafe and bakery-Situated at AJC Bose Road, this cosy, warmly lit cafe/bakery is a hit among all. Not just for its delicious flavorful coffees, but also for range of freshly baked delicacies. With friendly service and cozy ambiance, 8th day may just tempt you to ditch your coffee and work out of here.

8th day Cafes

4. Cha bar- There’s nothing quite like reading your favorite book with a lovely aroma of coffee in the air. Located on the first floor of the historic Oxford bookstore, this stylish coffee shop is where you should be headed if you love to sip your favorite brew while browsing a rich collection of books. An added advantage is, their food offerings are also delicious!

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5. Wise owl- With intricate, classy decor and outdoor seating, the wise owl is a wonderful place to sit and sip your freshly brewed coffee. They have an outstanding breakfast menu, as well as delicious snacks to indulge.

Wise Owl Cafes

6. Kookie Jar- Kookie Jar is the place to be for the coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. With delicious cupcakes, cookies and other baked treats, combined with rich, freshly brewed coffee, this tiny cafe is your place if you are looking to grab a coffee quickly.

7. Cafe Ekante Houseboat- What’s better if you are having delicious food while looking at the beautiful water body? Well, Eco Park Cafe ‘Ekante’ can give you the chance. The ekante platter, Bhetki, Molayemi tikka, nolen guder ice cream and coffee is their must try.

8. Jam house- With its music inspired interiors; this place is basically heaven for all the music junkies. Try their banana shake, pan-fried momo and of course, coffee.

Jam House Cafes

9. Cloakroom- Located at a silent corner of Southern Avenue, it’s a cool, trendy, quirky and insta-worthy cafe, serving coffee and incredible food. The interiors will surely amaze you. And you will have your best Facebook DP here I’m telling you!

10. Ornate-This is the most cute, super adorable place which will give you feel of a well done British cafe. Its crazy decor along with its delicious coffee will make your evening a perfect one!

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11. The love room- Okay now this is my personal favorite. Because this cafe is first ever dog cafe!!! Oh yes! Play with the owner’s nine dogs and cats, or bring your own pet to try their pet-friendly menu! Try to visit during the afternoon when it’s less crowded so you can play with the little munchkins.

The Love Room Cafes

12. The Rouge- Want to escape from reality with Disney style interiors? This is your place. You leave this cafe without trying their best red velvet cupcake with cream cheese. The Oreo milkshake is another favorite! Their giant macaroon towers will look great on your Instagram!

13. Blue mug, cafe and thoughts-If you love tea and love to gloat over your knowledge over them, this is your place. Try it and fall in love with teatime all over again. Try their lasagna too!!

Blue Mug Cafe and Thoughts

14. Flury’s- Flury’s is the best place for a perfect English breakfast. If you have an insatiable craving for good bakes, this is your place. This is also a boutique tea parlour and if you crave for coffee, do visit Flury’s.

15. Indian coffee house- This is probably the oldest and the most historical coffee house. Founded in 1936, it has almost 400 locations in cities across the country. The Indian Coffee House, College Street is the most popular and historic one. This place is thronged by intellectuals who keep the coffee shop alive with their buzzing voice and heated discussions. Try their cutlet or samosa with a piping hot cup of tea/coffee as you indulge in some riveting conversations. It has even served as the meeting place of intellectuals and artists like Satyajit Ray, Amartya Sen, Mrinal Sen, Aparna Sen.

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